CocoaPods Guides

Using CocoaPods

  • Getting Started

    This is a guide for setting up CocoaPods and working with your first project.

  • Using CocoaPods

    Integration instructions and best practices.

  • The Podfile

    Learn all about the Podfile, which is used to declare dependencies for your project.

  • Troubleshooting

    The solutions to common problems.

  • F.A.Q

    Is CocoaPods ready for prime-time? Why not just use git submodules? etc. etc.

Making CocoaPods


  • Core Components

    These are the core components that make up the CocoaPods gem.

  • Tickets handling

    The easiest way to contribute is to help us handling the tickets.

  • How to Contribute

    CocoaPods is fully open-sourced, so it depends on community contributions to get better. If you're looking to start working on CocoaPods, this is the place to start.

  • Setting up for Development

    If you're looking to contribute to the CocoaPods project through feature additions or bug fixes, follow these instructions on setting up your development environment.

  • Release Process

    This describes how the CocoaPods team deal with the release process.

We also have you covered with references to the Podfile, the Podspec and our Command Line API.