CocoaPods Guides

Using CocoaPods

Build with CocoaPods


  • Podfile

    Find out all of the supported attributes of the DSL for downloading Pods.

  • Podspec

    Find out all of the supported attributes of the DSL for creating a library.

  • Command Line API

    Find out all of the supported terminal flags and commands.

CocoaPods Plugins

How to use CocoaPods plugins

Understand how a CocoaPods plugin works and how to use them in your projects

Keeping Secrets

Using cocoapods-keys to keep secrets out of your source

Optimise CI

Using cocoapods-check to reduce work on CI

Pre-compiling dependencies

Using cocoapods-binary to pre-compile a set of your pods

Packaging Closed Source SDKs

Using cocoapods-packager to ship closed source Pods

Contributing Back

How to Contribute

CocoaPods is fully open-sourced, so it depends on community contributions to get better. If you're looking to start working on CocoaPods, this is the place to start.

Core Components

These are the core components that make up the CocoaPods gem.

Setting up for Development

If you're looking to contribute to the CocoaPods project through feature additions or bug fixes, follow these instructions on setting up your development environment.

Release Process

This describes how the CocoaPods team deal with the release process.

Ticket handling

The easiest way to contribute is to help us handling the tickets.