Build with CocoaPods

If you want to release some of your own code to the world, or are interesting in having your own repository of podspecs for internal use, this is what you're looking for. Here you can find out about making your own Podspecs, creating a private repo and understand what we consider to be the best practices for libraries.

Making a CocoaPod

Instructions for creating and maintaining a CocoaPod.

Using Pod Lib Create

The guide for getting a CocoaPod up and running quickly.

Getting setup with Trunk

Instructions for creating a CocoaPods user account

Quality Indexes

Increasing your CocoaPod's Search Rank

Development Pods

How to reference a local checkout of a Pod's repository while working on modifications to it.

Private Pods

How to setup a private Podspec repo for maintaining internal libraries.

Specs and the Specs Repo

Learn about creating Podspec's and the Spec repo.